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Paternity Testing

Paternity testing: please send us a sample from the child or a prenatal sample, together with peripheral blood samples from the mother and one of the putative fathers.

Maternity testing: please send us a sample from the child and peripheral bloods from the father and putative mother.

Our reporting time for paternity/maternity testing is 7-14 days.

We understand the sensitive issues surrounding this testing. All information you give us will be dealt with in complete confidence.

Τhe test

We use QF-PCR methodology to screen 10 polymorphic DNA regions. Depending on the outcome, we can rule out paternity (or maternity) with 100% confidence or confirm paternity (or maternity) with 99.9999% confidence, assuming that the putative fathers (or mothers) are not related.


In this case, paternity was confirmed as the child’s genotype shares half its alleles with the potential father’s.
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