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Superscreen extra ™

Superscreen extra ™– this test produces the molecular karyotype of the individual and is the most comprehensive screen of an individual’s genomic DNA. Using a technique known as array-CGH, deletions or duplications of the genome, not visible by microscopy, are revealed using this advanced high resolution technique. This method screens the entire genome for small, submicroscopic rearrangements at a resolution of 200-500kB, i.e. a resolution 10 times higher than that of conventional G-banded karyotyping. The screening test focuses on those DNA regions that are known to be associated with a genetic syndrome and excludes in total120 known syndromes (http://www.cytochip.com/uploads/assets/publics/25/original/4101_-_CytoChip_diseases.pdf?1275389354 for a complete list of all the syndromes).


CGH analysis and molecular karyotype (BlueGnome, Cambridge, UK)

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